The Federal Budget Process: A Description of the Federal and Congressional Budget Processes, including Timelines

Federal Jurisdiction
Budgeting for the federal government is an enormously complex process. It entails dozens of subprocesses, countless rules and procedures, the efforts of tens of thousands of staff persons in the executive and legislative branches, and the active participation of the President, congressional leaders, Members of Congress, and members of the executive branch. This analysis shows the various elements of the federal budget process including the President's budget submission, framework, timetable, the budget resolution, reconciliation, the "Byrd Rule," appropriations, authorizations, and budget execution. Congress is distinguished from nearly every other legislature in the world by the control it exercises over fashioning the government's budgetary policies. This power, referred to as "the power of the purse," ensures Congress' primary role in setting revenue and borrowing policies for the federal government and in determining how these resources are spent. Summary of Contents Ch. 1. Introduction to the Federal Budget Process Ch. 2. Overview of the Executive Budget Process Ch. 3. The Executive Budget Process Timetable Ch. 4. The Congressional Budget Process: A Brief Overview Ch. 5. Budget Resolution Enforcement Ch. 6. The 'Deeming Resolution': A Budget Enforcement Tool Ch. 7. "Legislating in Congress: Federal Budget Process," by Robert Keith Ch. 8. The Budget Reconciliation Process: Timing of Committee Responses to Reconciliation Directives Ch. 9. The Budget Reconciliation Process: The Senate's 'Byrd Rule' Ch. 10. The Congressional Appropriations Process: An Introduction Ch. 11. Allocations and Subdivisions in the Congressional Budget Process Ch. 12. Appropriations Bills: What Are 'General Provisions'? Ch. 13. Appropriations Bills: What Is Report Language? Ch. 14. Overview of the Authorization-Appropriations Process Ch. 15. Points of Order in the Congressional Budget Process Ch. 16. The Budget Control Act of 2011 Ch. 17. Budget 'Sequestration' and Selected Program Exemptions and Special Rules Ch. 18. Continuing Resolutions: Latest Action and Brief Overview of Recent Practices Ch. 19. Additional Resources Federal Budget Links and Research Tools Laws, web sites, and books Live Training Understanding Congressional Budgeting and Advanced Federal Budget Congressional Dynamics and the Legislative Congressional Briefing Conference: Capitol Hill Capitol Learning Audio Courses TM Appropriations Process in a Nutshell with James Saturno, ISBN 1587330431 Authorizations and Appropriations in a Nutshell with James Saturno, ISBN 1587330296 The Budget Execution Process with Carl Moravitz, ISBN 9781587331367 Budget Formulation, Justification, and Execution: A How-To for Budget Analysts with James Capretta, ISBN 1587330601 The Federal Budget Process with Philip Joyce, ISBN 1587330830 The Budget Resolution in a Nutshell with Roy Meyers, ISBN 1587330857 Index For a detailed Table of Contents, see

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